Steps to Replace Aiwoit Battery
08.02.2019 | AIWOIT | Aiwoit Battery For iPhone

To substitute an iPhone battery, give it to the Aiwoit repair or bring it personally to the Apple Store. If it's a simple substitute, you can replace your battery while waiting if you bring it to an Apple Store in individual. Apple will need to send your iPhone to a Repair Center in some circumstances and you will have to wait 3-5 days for your iPhone battery to be replaced.

Are you worried about abandoning house without an iPhone charger? Because your mobile is always dead, are your friends and relatives used to it? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might think, "Yes, my iPhone battery doesn't last long, but I don't want to purchase a fresh phone." If you don't want to fork out hundreds of bucks to purchase a fresh iPhone, you can pay a tiny sum to replace your iPhone battery. Better yet, you can get it substituted for free if your iPhone is under warranty!

Is it possible to replace an iPhone battery?

Yes, you can substitute an iPhone battery completely. Although, before the smartphone era, it's not as easy as the old cell phones— you can't just slip yourself off the iPhone case and substitute the phone.

The simplest way to replace your iPhone battery is to go straight through Aiwoit. You may believe it's a cheaper alternative to replace yourself, but it may not be. The price of the battery itself is probably more costly than exchanging it with Aiwoit (if you get a decent performance battery) and by doing it yourself you risk damaging your iPhone.

A poor battery can greatly decrease the length of time you can go on a complete load. If you own an iPhone 5s and have either not opted for Apple Care or simply tend to do stuff on your own to save some cash, a substitute of the DIY battery is not extremely hard. Not only that, it costs a fraction of what you'll pay for an out of warranty repair to buy the battery on your own and replace it. So, if you've had less than great battery life, in less than 30 minutes we can assist you to substitute your iPhone 5s battery!

To fix your iPhone 5s, you'll need some instruments and components. Only quality and genuine parts from a reputable provider such as Aiwoit are recommended by iMore. For all your repair requirements, they have quality components, instruments, and much more.

Replacement iPhone 5s battery Suction cup5-point safety screwdriver Standard #000 Phillips screwdriver Spudger tool Razor blade iSesamo Opening device (not required but great to pry wires and get under adhesive) is required for the iPhone battery replacement through Aiwoit.

Steps to replace Aiwoit Battery

  1. Turn off Tour Phone

Always note to switch it off before performing any repair on any unit. Just press the Power button until you see Slide to Power off. Go to the next segment once you're sure your iPhone 5s is switched off.

  1. Remove the Two Dock Connector Safety Screws on Both Sides

Two safety screws are attaching the display to the cabinet and sitting on either hand of the dock connector. To extract them, use your 5-point safety screwdriver. Both of them are the same size so if you pair them up, it's all right.

  1. Remove the Display Installation

Place the suction cup significantly above the installation of the home key and save it on the screen. Holding the iPhone in place with one hand, pull gently up the suction cup until you release the bottom of the screen, but do NOT pull up at this point as a cable running to the Touch ID sensor is still attached.

At this stage, you just want to divide the display about an inch. Use the pointing edge of your sludge tool now that you have a clear view of the cables to carefully remove the metal shield that covers the Touch ID cable. Make sure you don't lose the Touch ID connector's metal guard.

Now you can switch the screen more securely to see where the panel is linked. Remove the four screws holding down the screen wires shield. Use your screwdriver # 000 to do this. To extract the three wires shown in the picture below, use your spudger device now. To show the third and final cable that lies below them, you will have to pull the two off to the far left. The screen installation should now be free of the phone's corpse. Go forward and set aside the screen installation.

  1. Replace the Battery

With your #000 Aiwoit screwdriver, remove the two screws holding down the battery cord. Lift the battery shield gently from your iPhone 5s and put it aside thoroughly. Use your sludge device to pry the battery cable closely. There is an adhesive tab at the bottom of the battery above the dock. Use the pointed end of your sludge tool to unfold it. Pull the tab on both sides just enough to bring a cut in the middle using scissors. Starting on the left hand of the battery of the iPhone 5s, pull the adhesive closely. It should begin to come loose from below the battery. You're going to hear a noise of cracking/cracking. That's ordinary and it's just the adhesive that pulls from the case. Pull sideways and along the left side of the battery slowly and gently. Do not worry about tearing any parts. Do not pull too fast at the same time or the adhesive tab will tear, making it difficult to get the rest out of it.

  1. Test the Fresh Phone

It's secure to switch it on after you've completed assembling your iPhone 5s. To test the new battery, take the following steps: Fully charge your iPhone 5s and make sure it doesn't get any warmer than usual, as this could be a sign of using the replacement battery during the first few days to make sure your battery life has improved.