Q: How long does this battery last?

A: As long as the Apple original one.


Q: Is it easy to replace an iPhone battery?

A: Yes. It’s easy to replace, just be careful when replacing. And read the user manual and watch repair video online.


Q: Should I let this iPhone battery run out before recharging it?

A: For optimal performance after installed, we suggest that drain battery to 0% and charge uninterrupted to 100% about 3 times. After that, charge it once it's low around 15–20% and your battery will last longer.


Q: Will this battery overcharge?

A: No, Aiwoit battery has overcharge protection. It’s safe.


Q: Does the capacity the same as the original battery?

A: Yes. The capacity is the same as the original.


Q: Does this battery fix to iPhone?

A: Yes. It’s compatible for iPhone.